Saturday, August 28, 2010

World s Most Dangerous Ride Facebook

Every few days a new Facebook scheme pops up. Usually the creator will make a website Like, and than dangle some sort of crazy incentive out there for viewers to catch their eye on. Visitors then must jump through hoops in order to supposedly see this crazy image, video, etc. In this case, the incentive of the scheme is that the site will show the worlds most dangerous ride. First though, you must “like” the page on Facebook, share it with your friends on your Facebook wall, and then do a survey to supposedly prove you are a human.

What most visitor don’t understand is that the survey that supposedly proves you are human is earning the website owner money each time it is filled out. By completing the survey you are providing your email to a company, giving them the right to email you various ads. The worlds most dangerous ride scheme is just one of thousands of these types of sites set up to use the power of social networking to make the owners money, and in the process tricking thousands of people. Facebook will likely shut the site down within several hours, however more sites like it will continue to pop up.

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