Saturday, August 28, 2010

Miss USA

Miss Universe contest is over and the new Miss Universe is a young Mexican. People are looking for Miss USA Internet to find its position in the competition. The United States representative in the competition was Rima Fakih, she is eighty years of Lebanese immigrant. In round on Monday did not happen and was very disappointed at this point.

She is the first Muslim ever that has been made to Miss USA; Rima said everything was in her heart. Her words made headlines in the media. She said she disagreed with the decision to make the Muslim community very close to the event, the World Trade Center. She also said that we should all be worried about the tragedy, not a religion. Past news also came out that Miss USA was the fasting month of Ramada. She said he supports U.S. President commented in favor of the mosque, which was to be built near Ground Zero.

Rima Fakih was born October 2, 1985. She won the Miss America this year a few months ago. She also won the Miss Michigan USA competition. She is the first Muslim woman to win the U.S. Lebanon. In Lebanon, she lived in the town of Souk El Gharib. In 1993, she and her parents moved to New York to escape the Lebanese civil war.

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