Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Poisoned

Many fans are looking for Lindsay Lohan poisoned on the Internet. Most of them are wondering why the poison of research on Google Trends and Lindsay Lohan is spreading all over the net. Is really Lindsay Lohan poisoned? This news could be true, because he lived a life very boring, although the investigations of the judge and sent to prison. Was also sent to the rehabilitation center court, this could lead to his taking poison. I mean for the first time I saw a number of development I believe Google has received the poison, because all the above reasons.

So if you think that Lindsay was really poisoned or not, so the truth is it was not poisoned at all and the reasons for future research in the upper part of the evolution of Google’s robots are to search for the keyword Google. The reason for this trend to reach the top is a video that was made by and is just a publicity stunt by the site. The reason why that site was that they wanted to convey his message about the lethal drugs used Lindsay. The site says that medicines used by them are actually poisonous to him, the site tries to tell people that the amount of these drugs are dangerous to human health and no one should use them without prescription. Let’s see how much truth lye in this Lindsay lohan poisoned news.

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